Clyde Always, American artist and storyteller, writes and recites his own blend of tall tales and clever verses, CRAFTS stimulating works of illuminated literature, and seeks to dazzle the world with inspired portrayals of 



Pure poppycock!
Lacking class but not quality,
Samantha Muffinbaker and the Funny Land of Flinck, written and illustrated by Clyde Always, is delightfully scandalous--you'll gasp cover-to-cover--guaranteed giggles with every turn of the page.
In this eclectic work of literature, Always offers a glimpse into a world whose levels of zaniness rival even our own. Clinically depressed whales, simian politicians and oft-misgendered ladybugs aside, it seems sanity is rather scarce in Flinck...
--Barry F.N. Funckenskeezy, The Limberger Review

Copies go on sale July 31st.

Samantha Muffinbaker

and the Funny Land of Flinck

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Photo by Sevgi Sungun

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