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Samantha Muffinbaker
and the Funny Land of Flinck


Gap-toothed tattle-tale Samantha Muffinbaker casually boards a flying rowboat piloted by a foul-breathed stranger named Petey—why not? Chubby know-it-all Daniel Gold couldn’t have imagined horrors worse than his mother’s wrath, but that’s only until Petey maroons these two eleven-year-olds in the inhospitable country of Flinck--a world so insane, you might just mistake it for our own.

There, after learning that Gramma Sue (one of the beloved locals) has been betrayed by her devious garden gnome, Samantha and Daniel consider it their duty to deliver justice—even if the old lady is being held captive by the President himself.


Les' Place
a Hipster Manifesto


21-year-old Les Burningham--hipster gang-leader and amateur 'barber'--is on a mission to ransack as many man-buns from the heads of cowering granola-boys as possible before his sister can kick him off of her pull-out couch.  When an unexpected discovery results in Les' banishment from the city, he finds himself adrift in a cold world armed only with his gritty sense of determination, his power to reason, and a pair of skinny jeans.

Les Cover Better.jpg

Melanie Bell
& the Story Salon


8-year-old Melanie Bell seems to be about the only sane person in town and her sole ambition for the day is to rocket off to planet ZamZam.  Standing in her way is her home-bound Mommy who can never seem to post enough selfies, some pyromaniacal bullies, a motorcycle-riding tax-collector and a murderous mayor: the villain responsible for Melanie having never experienced the joy of laughter.

When all seems lost, it's up to Melanie and a cohort of mysterious visitors to concoct the master plan. Can she short the circuits of this tyrannical society and learn to laugh along the way?

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