Joanie Bologna the Queen of the World

"...when suddenly, in through the window there flew, on the back of a Pegasus pony, George Washington wearing his uniform blue, and rescued and flew off with Joanie..."


The Messrs. Finn

Portrait commissioned by a renowned, San Francisco impresario

American Giraffe

Album Cover commissioned by More Hazards More Heroes, a folk duet.

Damn Handsome

Flower Mountain

"...I woke to a spectacle sprawling, a marvelous meadow in which voluptuous ladies were lolling (not one of them wearing a stitch)..."

Samantha Muffinbaker and the Funny Land

Rise Above

Tootsie's Little Secret

Stella and the Fratboy

"... a tsunami rose way in the distance and, out from the depths of the ocean, there came the stark silhouette of a horrible, hideous, tentacled sea-monster..."

Devil Queen

Nandi's Dragon


Book cover commission for "More Picnic Poetry" by Stephen Kopel

Marlene und der Eisbar


Nandi's Dragon II

El Diablo Azul

The Gods

Melanie Bell and the Story Salon

The Girl with the Lavender Hair

"...the tall-boys and shorties and hipsters and forties, their buns and their beanies unfurled, then their picnics collapsed on a river of Pabst, all around in an eddy it swirled..."


Liberty's Hideaway

Sal's Mermaid

Freja in the Moonlight

Tucker the Brunch Buccaneer

"...avast ye swabs, or throats I'll slash, yer grub be mine fer takin'-- surrender every heap o' hash, and crispy strip of bacon..."

Portrait of Devin

"...Devin worked in a coffeehouse built out of reclaimed popsicle sticks and primitive light-bulbs. Also, rumor had it, he had forged the wrought iron fixtures way down in the fires of Hell..."