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The Surreal San Francisco


PLEASE NOTE: this is NOT a regular walking tour.

It’s an edgy, OUTRAGEOUS, uniquely San Franciscan experience.

Have a few laughs with STORYTELLER-EXTRAORDINAIRE Clyde Always, former headliner at these local venues: the Marsh T
heater, the Lost Church and Café International.

You’ll be dazzled by many of Clyde’s own modern MYTHS, LEGENDS, FABLES and FOLKLORE. Hear about witches and wisemen, hipster-emperors and ferocious beasts--bring your imagination.

If you're partial to RHYME, it's a wonderful time!

In between these zany stories, your host will be pointing out various eateries, murals, landmarks, shops and stunning Victorians—no shortage of GRAMMABLE PHOTO-OPS, here.

Miles away from the rest of the tourists, you’ll get some insider knowledge of three of the City’s hippest neighborhoods—the MISSION, the CASTRO and the DUBOCE TRIANGLE.

Looking for FUN things to do and DELICIOUS things to eat? Clyde’s got the hot tips.

BE WARNED! Your host is a fast-talker and he may tell you a few phony “facts.” Take anything he says with a grain of salt.

If you’re offended by PROFANITY, soap will be provided (but bring your own water).

Scared of heights? Rest easy—the route involves NO HILL CLIMBING!

This stroll is guaranteed to ENTERTAIN, enliven and uplift both visitors and locals alike.


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Here's what the people are saying:

Emma Watson.tif


August 2023

My son and I spent the morning walking the Mission and Castro Districts with Clyde Always, a smiling, ukulele toting, colorful raconteur. Clyde skillfully lead our group through the streets pointing out the beautiful, the odd, the quirky and the slightly obscene. He regaled us with interesting facts and tales of the city. Games were played. There was at least one fish story (literally, make sure he tells you about the Bay to Breakers salmon.
All in all, it was just plain A LOT of silliness . . . and where can you find that for the pittance Clyde charges … an excellent return on investment.

Kieth Richards.tif

June 2023


This experience is a must! After taking many tours, not a single one has felt as creative and improvisational as this one! The whole time, I was grounded by Clyde's stories, performances, and constant interaction with me. The experience felt very unique and personalized. Even if I were the only one on the tour, he still agreed to do it. Clearly, you could see that he is doing it out of pure passion! Clyde is one of the best and most creative storytellers I have ever met!

Kamala Harris.tif


April 2023

Clyde provides such a fun, engaging, and interesting tour of some beautiful SF neighborhoods! He taught us a lot of history of the area, while entertaining us along the way. Loved his stories + I think even if you’re a local, you’d definitely enjoy this + learn something! The walk was easy so no endurance training required. He even introduced us to a lovely local flower seller, Guy, who we later bought a bouquet from. Highly recommend this tour experience!

Billie Eilish.tif


July 2023

Booked this tour for My parents and I when they came to visit and had an amazing time! If you're searching for an immersive, story-driven exploration that transcends the usual tourist fare, this tour, under Clyde's expert guidance, is an experience you simply can't afford to miss. Walk through some of SFs coolest neighborhoods and let Clyde do what he does best, entertain! I left the tour feeling more connected to city I live in, and my parent’s left with some unforgettable memories. We cherished our experience with Clyde and can’t recommend this tour enough. It was a fitting tribute to the colorful city of San Francisco and an homage to the somewhat forgotten art of story telling.


Pete Davidson.tif

May 2022


Oh man how do I do justice for this magical journey that Clyde put together for us? He’s funny, engaging, well-prepared and represents San Fran in the best possible way! The tour was filled with hidden gems, stories and folklores, some even true!
We had such a good time together that we ended up having lunch and drinks afterwards. We learnt more about Clyde and ALL his artistic pursuits, inspiring!
Would highly recommend this experience to everyone especially to those with a flexible sense of humour and passion for art and poetry. Thanks Clyde, it was above all else, really really nice meeting you!

Steve Harvey.tif


July 2022

This guy is awesome! He is a knowledgeable, creative, energetic, and attentive host who makes every member of the tour feel included and engaged. He tells you San Francisco stories that might be true, but are definitely entertaining. I'm not 100% sure he can actually play his ukulele, but he certainly knows how to use it to enhance his story-telling. This is no standard-issue city tour. This is a tour from a friendly and colorful local character who knows how to work an audience and make San Francisco seem alive and fun.

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