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is a  surrealist ARTIST, AUTHOR and ENTERTAINER who, for purposes of amusing, inspiring and/or uplifting his fellow human beings, writes and recites modern TALL tales and light verse, publishes original works of illustrated literature, paints striking dreamscapes, and dazzles San Franciscans daily as a juggling, unicycling, ukulele-strumming madman-about-town.

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    From 2014 to 2020, Clyde Always volunteered his services as host and ringleader of the world-famous, Vaudeville-style, variety, open-mic showcase at Cafe International where he earned the nickname: "Bard of the Lower Haight."  He has since moved the show to the Scott Street Labyrinth, where it remains to this day.

    An accomplished author/illustrator, Clyde Always began his publishing company, Rational Malarkey, Inc, in 2018.  The manuscript of his debut novel, Melanie Bell and the Story Salon, placed as a semi-finalist in the Faulkner Society William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition the year prior. 


     "The Clyde Always Show," his solo stage production, has been featured at The Marsh, The Lost Church, Bird and Beckett, Kerouac Alley, the North Beach Library and at the prestigious SW escalators of the 16th Street BART station.

    His writings, comics and/or illustrations have been printed in Light Poetry Magazine, Slackjaw, The Daily Squib, Scarfff, Poetalk, The Haight-Ashbury Literary Journal, Sparkle and Blink, the Street Sheet, Freaky and etc. etc.

    Paintings by Always have been featured on the walls of various gallery spaces around the city including Bazaar Cafe, Eureka Valley Rec Center, the Church Street Coffeehouse and etc. etc.   


    He shares a Fillmore flat with his Little Lady and a variety of lively housemates: Bonnie the Uncycle, Fatboy Smitty the typewriter, Kaylee the Ukulele, Mister Brix the tomcat, and the ghost of Stephen Kopel (his late mentor).

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