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The Cautionary Tale of
Scrollin' Joan

Light Poetry Magazine

"...She scrolled 'til her eyes popped out of her head.

She scrolled as she lay in a hospital bed..."

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Jokes Literary Review

“...'Gah!' Pedro exploded. 'A poet? A self-described poet! That explains everything'...”

Hip Dan Hinkle

GNU Journal

"...It was in the delicate autumn of 1998 that Hip Dan Hinkle, a man-boy of twenty-five years, had, much to his dismay, knocked his girlfriend up for the second time..." 

Selected Poetry & Prose

Waxing Philosophical

Lighten Up Online

“...'That’s valid,' asserted the curious kid.
'I’m just a bit salty because
my facial hair’s always, like, coming in mid.
So, how do I glo-up my fuzz?'..."

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A Love Poem
March 15, 2020

Words and Whispers

"...A blackness so engulfed the skies
like Earth, she’d spat in both my eyes,
but still, I searched for any speck of blue..."

I'm your Air Fryer & we Need to Talk


"...Every morning I watch you sneak in here and do God-knows-what with that coffeemaker. How do you think that makes me feel, huh? Watching you slurp away. Sometimes, one pot isn’t even enough. Pig..."


Poetry Super Highway

"...The Chupacabra’s drank a sip
compared to all this swill.
Count Dracula would curl his lip
and call it ‘overkill'..."

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The Male Feminist's Guide to Tappin' That

The Daily Squib

"...Nervous about your first date? Don’t be! Just stick to these seven, easy-to-follow steps, and you’ll have her ‘enthusiastic consent’ faster than you can say 'of course I’ve read Sylvia Plath!'..."

The Day the Sun Forgot to Rise

Grand Little Things

"...Then, all my fellows on the street, they wept in agonized defeat, in shadows sepia-toned..."

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