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Hip Dan Hinkle, 2019

Prepare yourself for the next generation of ultra-spooky, All-American folklore.  Set in the Haight-Ashbury district of 1998, this 20-page illustrated tall tale follows the riveting exploits of lovable dead-beat Hip Dan Hinkle as he shirks his baby-daddy duties to do more important things (like play his guitar and get wasted).  Little does Dan know, that free beer he just scored is a bit more than he bargained for...

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story has been printed with full apologies to Washington Irving.



Unmuzzled Monkeyshines, 2019

Break out the good stuff and pour a cup for your Gramma Sue, it's time for the latest illustrated funny-rag from the BOLH.  This 24-page laugh riot comes complete with several crowd-tested ear-pleasers such as An Address to a Cheeseburger, The Fetchinest Dog in the West and How I Became a Rabbitman.  It's a veritable Symphony of silliness that would be perfect entertainment for your next brunch soiree and it's cheaper than a slice of avocado toast.  



Smutty Bupkis, 2017

100 Billion Views on the pages, all inked dripped by the author himself! Grab a copy of the sexiest xeroxed masterpiece from the mad storyteller featuring such Cafe International hits as: Stella & the Fratboy, Regan the Militant Vegan, & Emoji! Oh Gee! Just don't forget to finish what you start. 



Hipsteriferous! 2017

Just escaped the Tinder Date from Hell? Well then, reach for your copy of Hipsteriferous! and you can get lost in such Clyde Always classics as: Devin & the Vegan Cappuccino, The Girl with the Lavender Hair, and Jittery Geoff the Celebrity Chef! Y'might just discover that this is Like, Literally the best zine ever. 



Rational Malarkey, 2016

Suffering from some Tech Gloom?  Well, don't fret--because All-American tall-taleianism hits the big-time in this: the second photocopied installment of stuff and nonsense from the BOLH.  Throw up a salute with Joanie Bologna the Queen of the World, dig in to a Little Slice of Pie, get a load of Manny and the Hotdog Cart...just don't forget to air out your flannel or else you'll be looking like a real Dirtbag.


The Clyde Always Show, 2016

Almighty ridiculousness reigns supreme in this, the first illustrated chapbook from the Bard of the Lower Haight. Fall in love with the Landlady all over again. From poet bums to red-headed bullies; from sultry mermaids to a Yo-Yo named Bluey, watch this Shakespearean Rabbitman dance right off the soapbox. Each 32-page copy comes complete with a centerfold featuring the highly coveted sheet music for The Vegetarian Bagel Shoppe.