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for a performance, or to purchase zines/artwork, or just for the Hell of it, you can e-mail him directly at

Lower Haight Open Mic


I know: you've been honing the bejeeziz out of your craft during quarantine and the Zoom audiences just aren't cutting it.  

Then, bring it on down to The Scott Street Labyrinth on any Friday Evening beginning at 6PM.  

This is an impromptu gathering of like-minded artists who are all willing to brave the plague-ridden wasteland in order to support one another.  


Hear/see/experience the San Francisco performance scene with your Happy Host, Clyde Always, the Bard of the Lower Haight, at your service.

No signup, no set list, no speech-restrictions, no sound system, no mask requirements, no rules.

Bring a blanket for your sweetheart because it gets cold as a brass-monkey's balls.

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