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Les' Place -- A Hipster Manifesto,


21-year-old Les Burningham--hipster gang-leader and amateur 'barber'--is on a mission to ransack as many man-buns from the heads of cowering granola-boys as possible before his sister can kick him off of her pull-out couch but, when an unexpected discovery results in Les' banishment from the city, he finds himself adrift in a cold world armed only with his gritty sense of determination, his power to reason and a pair of skinny jeans.


Melanie Bell and the Story Salon, 2018

Eight-year-old Melanie Bell seems to be about the only sane person in her small, American town and her sole ambition for the day is to rocket off to planet ZamZam so that her best friend, Mr. Bristol (a cowardly, see-through monkey), can get home to his family.  Standing in her way is her home-bound Mommy who can never seem to post enough selfies, the local bullies' sadistic pyromania, the mayor's motorcycle-riding tax-collector's murderous jealousy of Melanie's receipt of 'smiley faces,' and lastly, the mayor himself, who is responsible for Melanie having never experienced the joy of laughter.

Luckily for Melanie and Mr. Bristol, their town is visited by three, heroic interlopers (an ancient shop-keeper, an anthropomorphic calico-cat-captain and a vaudevillian rabbit-man who calls himself the Bard) in a magical bookstore with a secret room in the basement known as the Story Salon.  With the help of a mysterious, wish-granting cabinet, these five extraordinary freedom-fighters embark on a series of hysterical and heart pounding adventures, all while being entertained by modern fables provided by the loud-mouth Bard, who dreams big and worries little.  When all seems lost, it's up to Melanie to concoct the master plan, but can she alone short the circuits of this tyrannical society and learn to laugh along the way?