Clyde Always,  (also known as the Bard of the Lower Haight) tells energetic tall tales, recites ear-pleasing verse, paints romanticized scenes of beauty, renders captivating cartoon characters, has published two novels and he still manages to wait tables in his free time.  

--The Clyde Always Show has been featured at The Marsh, The Lost Church, Bird and Beckett, the North Beach Library and at the 16th Street BART station. Clyde Always also acts as ringleader at Cafe International every Friday night.

--His writings and illustrations have been printed in Hatchbeat, Poetalk, GNU Journal, the Haight-Ashbury Literary Review, Gyroscope, the Street Sheet, The Broke Bohemian and etc. etc.

--One of his paintings can be viewed, at any given time, in the window of Native Twins Coffee on Divisadero.

--He lives in San Francisco, CA with his wife Haylee the Ukulele.


Hip Dan Hinkle

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